Get to know us

The island, its color, its smells, its sea, its magic …The meeting, the decision, the trust, the smiles …

The space, the flowers, the sunset, the relatives, the friends, the music, the dance, the tastes, all senses dance… happiness!

Your dreams, our dreams and the effect magical! It appears on the happy faces of those who trusted us and in their enthusiastic remarks. This is our promise, a promise that we have kept for 25 years.

It is the experience that makes the difference, our expertise, but above all, our love for what we do … which is no more than making people happy by creating memories that will be a point of reference for their whole life. It is the art of making the moment stay alive forever in them.

Each event is directed as a cinematic production. The scene is there and it is the most ideal…

Subsequently we take care of finding hotels, decorating the church, transport of the bride, venue styling and décor, catering, music coverage, lighting, photography, filming, reception, transportation, presentation of options and offers, budget creation, schedule and guest list as well as following up of all orders and collaborating parts.

Naturally, we will be there on the wedding day to coordinate all partners and all of the processes so that they are all impeccably organized, so as you can enjoy in the most special way the most wonderful day of your life!

You wedding in Hydra begins with us!